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I have been seeing Mark for about six months and his herbal prescriptions have helped me immensely.  I suffer from chronic abdominal pain associated with dysmenorrheal and ulcerative colitis.  Mark is a great listener, his concern and desire to help are apparent.  Since taking the herbs he recommended my pain is far less frequent and has been dramatically reduced, and I have more energy than I’ve had in years.  I recommend him highly.

Lyrica Johnson

My job forces me to sit for long hours and the computer, and I've had to deal with chronic neck pain for several years.  It had gotten so bad that it was affecting my sleep, my running, and even everyday activities.   I'd tried chiropractic and physical therapy with very little relief.  After working with Mark for the past few months, the pain is much improved.   Mark took the time to show me exercises and stretches to improve my strength and range of motion.  I'm running again, and I've begun training for a half-marathon.

Brian Phillips

I have been a hair stylist for 16 years. After changing jobs to just cutting men’s hair (up to 20 cuts a day!) I began getting elbow and shoulder pain. It was particularly painful in the mornings and I could barely straighten my arms. After only 2 treatments of acupuncture by Mark (my first 2 of my life) the pain is gone and has been gone for at least 8 months.   I've known Mark for about 8 years and trust his knowledge and passion for his trade and have been fortunate enough to experience it firsthand.

Ann Domenico
Hair Stylist

I've been a runner and ironman triathlete for about 10 years now and was recently sidelined with sciatic nerve issues.  I visited with numerous chiropractors and massage therapists for 3 months and nothing was having any lasting effects.  I was introduced to Mark and met with him for three sessions.  In that short amount of time he was able to get me back to running and cycling pain free.

Josh Hare


Mark is among one of the best massage therapists I've ever been to. Not only is he gifted with his hands and skills at the trade, but he is also intuitive when working with the body. Often, without even speaking to Mark, he knew exactly which areas of the body needed attention. He was someone I trusted explicitly in all ways. I knew he cared, and though he took what he was doing seriously, he was always light-hearted. Truthfully, I don't know what I would do without him. I don't know if I will ever find anyone that I enjoy more.
Renee Kaspar


As a former competitive athlete, I have had tons of massages and got to know many skilled therapists. I must say that Mark is one of the very best - if not the best - therapist I have ever come across. He is simply great: very professional, knowledgeable and able to adapt his skillset to whatever your needs and problems are each time. He is passionate about his work and a super nice person. I have been able to train a lot better and manage my stress in a completely different way since I started going to Mark. My boyfriend Travis also swears by him!
Anu Piilola


Mark Mamuszka is a rare talent, possessing healing hands that literally massaged me back together again. My doctor told me that after the "cosmetic sculpting" surgery I had, it would be imperative that I get massage therapy at least once a week for three months. After trying three different massage therapists, I was introduced to Mark. He listened to my very particular needs and then proceeded to knead me back to a feeling of health and vitality. Always addressing the changing needs of my body, Mark does all that is within his powers to heal, de-stress, de-toxify and revitalize.
Samantha von Sperling
Personal Image Consultant

The laying on of hands is an ancient tradition involving the transmission of energy. Mark has excellent energy and knows exactly where to apply it. His gift evolves from the balancing of the mental, physical, and spiritual. I went to Mark with a problem which I was unable to articulate in words. Through Mark's treatments, the problem resolved, and I am able to move on in life with a heightened energy level.  

Michael Sperber, MD

Herbal Med
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